Pick Me

Maurice's First Adventure

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by Eleanor Turino

Library books propped up on table

The first in a series of adventures of Maurice, a book who resides on an elementary school library shelf!

Maurice, a library book that has never been read aloud, yearns to be picked even though he knows the dangers associated with leaving the comfort of his library shelf. Will it be the best of times, or the worst of times?

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School librarians everywhere can use this story to remind students the importance of book handling and wonderful stories! Good lesson in taking risks as well!

-Pat Gelling

Great book for all elementary libraries and teachers to share with their students.

-Janet Capestany

What a fantastic book. Very well written. What was interesting about this book is that it can be related to other areas of socialization. How kids feel when they are not picked or picked last. When they get a chance, they can shine. Very well done!

-Dianne Dunn

Such a sweet story, told by a library book, but relevant on so many levels. You will be cheering for Maurice all the way through. I look forward to reading more in this series!

-Laurie Walegir

Maurice the Book is a delightful and engaging story that encourages reading and book borrowing...who could leave poor Maurice sitting alone on a shelf? Only an author with a librarian's insight would be able to share a story from a book's point of view!

-Marybeth Zeman

What a clever idea for teaching book care in an elementary school library! Children will root for Maurice the Book because they've been in his shoes: facing new adventures can be both scary and fulfilling.

-Elizabeth Barouh

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Author Eleanor Turino

About the Author

Eleanor Turino began her career in education as a reading and social studies teacher for fifth and sixth graders in Ocean Hill-Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York. After working as a children's librarian at a public library, Eleanor was a School Library Media Specialist who taught in an elementary school for twenty years.

Needless to say, children’s literature was an integral and beloved part of her curriculum. Her experiences working in education left an imprint, so she decided to make her first foray into publishing with Pick Me. With Maurice's first adventure, he experiences the magic of being read aloud. More of his adventures will be explored in future books.

Eleanor currently resides in New York with her husband.

I hope you enjoy my book. I hope you Pick Me! -ET

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